Inspiration Sundays!

Every Sunday I’m going to try and post photos of people who inspire my style on a daily basis. We’ll see if I can keep this up!


Rihanna is a style icon. Period. She started the whole “Street Sport” craze and has transformed herself every year to stay ahead of the trends. Because of her I’m obsessed with mesh and perforated materials, leather leggings with platform sneakers, black and gold and wearing dresses with boots.ย Although I will say I did the whole half shaved head 2 years before she did ๐Ÿ˜‰


Blake Lively is one of the most stunning creatures on the planet. She always inspires me to make masculine cuts feminine. Her blazer/suit game is ALWAYS on point. Because of her I love to roll up the cuffs of my blazers and wear with cute short shorts and layer on the necklaces. Her style requires a lot of work but looks effortless. That is something we all could use a lesson in.


Kerry Washington makes “girly” look appealing. I’m not a girly girl. I’m an escalated tomboy. But Kerry inspires me to wear dresses and lacy things. I love wearing the crop top maxi skirt combo because of her. SHE WORE THAT WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT AND STILL LOOKED BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. ย She inspires me to wear white on white, something I try not to do because white is to clean for me. Accessorizing with pearls and white gold with an A-line dress; she’s my summer muse.


Taylor Momsen is probably unintentionally where I get most of my style inspiration. She and I dress very similar, albeit she’s a little more risquรฉ than I am. I have recently started taking more risks with what I wear. Cut-off denim shorts as short as my underwear, see-through cut-out tops, bold print mixing, darker eye make-up, odd hair color choices, etc. Taylor doesn’t give a fuck and she’s proven that if you do it with enough confidence, everyone will be wanting to wear and do whatever you’re doing.

Do something, bitch

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