That was the most fun game I have been to in awhile. I love my Buckeyes I love my babe. I love everything right now. #BirthdayWeekend #GoBucks


breathe in and out

breathe in and out
I am determined to start adding more invitations to my Etsy shop:Β! I have been slacking on it lately. And I also want to keep up with the fashion blogging but holy shit my life has been incredibly busy. Hoping for a little bit of chill in December so I can focus on my hobbies. CLICK TO SEE

bury me

bury me
Last night was super emotional for me. Darren Wilson didn’t get indicted for murdering a kid. That’s the America we live in. Where a cop can shoot someone six times because they “looked like a demon” and not get any kind of punishment for it. I hope Mike Brown’s parents file a civil lawsuit against Wilson. He’s a piece of shit who decided in 60 seconds to end someone’s life. UGH I am still so mad.

never bite the dreamer

never bite the dreamer
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh THIS WEEK IS FINALLY HERE~ Last weekend was the shit. Hung out with my friends that I never see cause they live out of the state. So it was nice to unwind with them. But I am back on the grind. 4 sessions this week with my trainer, Black Friday stuff all week, need to get my new license on Wednesday, my friend is coming to town tomorrow night, Cleveland on Wednesday then shopping with my mom on Friday morning, then back to Columbus and then my birthday dinner, then THE GAME. WOOF.