sunfilled paradise

sunfilled paradise
Ahhhh what a crazy week it’s been. Holidays part 1 is done and it was pretty good, I got lots of money and spent quality time with my family. Saw some old friends and got robbed.
Yes you read that right. ROBBED.
Some asshole decided to steal my jacket with Mike’s car keys and work iPhone in the pockets. Luckily we got everything squared away. I was worried they were going to try and steal Mike’s car so I had to call the police just in case. Everything worked itself out in the end though. Thank God.
Next time I won’t be leaving my shit at tables no matter how close I am. Because people SUCK.
Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to pick up my bestie and bring her back to Columbus for New Year’s Eve! So excited for her to meet all my friends and party with her. Ahhhhh. This is gonna be a much better week I swear.

may i lay like roses

may i lay like roses
I hate the notion of being “girly”. What does that even mean? Being the stereotypical girl who likes pink and floral prints and bows and heels? I reject the idea of that being girly anymore. Sometimes I like to wear bows and polka dots and all my accessories are pink because pink is my favorite color. But black and gray are mostly what I wear on a daily basis. IΒ would say my normal look is a tomboy-modern punk fusion. I love leather and gold and boots and tattoo tights and bulky sweaters and flannel. I like mixing what society calls “girly” with an edge. Crop tops and flannels. Combat boots with mini skirts. It’s not anything new, but it is me.
In the last couple of years I’ve really found myself and my personal style. For awhile I couldn’t really figure it out. But I think as I get older I’m more and more assured as to who I am. And what I want for that matter. It’s a pretty good feeling.