House Baratheon

House Baratheon
House Baratheon was a little tough for me to dress. But then I thought of it from a rugged monarch perspective rather than the entire House and came up with a regal but edgy look for a young Baratheon queen. I chose the floral Alexander McQueen dress because I thought it looked the most “queenly” and paired it with crown earrings and a stag ring to rep the House symbol. The Moschino buckle booties were a great find and felt very appropriate for this outfit. They’re a strong, statement-making shoe and all that we know about Baratheons are how much they love to talk. House Baratheon is a headstrong, stubborn family and I felt that this look really repped that. What do you guys think?

One comment

  1. Pru Yeo · January 26, 2015

    The dress and shoes are stunning pieces! Definitely fit for a queen!


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