House Tully

House Tully
Next up we have the House Tully set! I had fun with this set because it seems so patriotic and American to me. The navy blue crop top with the red midi skirt really looked to me like the banner the Tullys would carry into battle. The Tully colors are vibrant and soothing at the same time, kind of like the bubbling of a river. “Family, Duty, Honor” are the Tully words which to me screams conservative which is why the outfit I put together is chic but modest. No exposed tummy or breasts for this Tully girl.
As far as the accessories go, the Dorothy Perkins clutch and fish bone earrings are an obvious wink to the Tully sigil which is a fish! Duh. The peeptoe Giuseppe Zanotti heels are a perfect cherry on top of this adorable sundae. The modern Tully girl that would wear this would be a stubborn but loyal girl who would do anything for family. Bright red hair and big blue eyes πŸ™‚
What do you guys think?

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