House Lannister

House Lannister
Ahhhh down to the second to last set!
Without the name, you probably guessed this was House Lannister. I used Cersei as my base for creating a wonderfully dramatic set for any modern woman in House Lannister, the Lionesses I call them.
This Ellie Saab gown is the centerpiece of this bright, lux set. It represents the passion and haughtiness that the Lannisters tend to wear on their sleeve for the world to see. I paired it with a pair of gold Giuseppe Zanotti booties & a lionhead embellished bracelet to tie the theme together. The croc tote is a wink to the “skinning” of the enemy that Lannisters tend to do.
I thought this set really captures the demeanor of a woman who wants the illusion of being in control to become a reality. She doesn’t take no for an answer because she’s never had to her whole life. She’s wealthy and cruel but the world bends to her because that’s what they’re used to. A true queen, even if she’s not royal at all.
What do you guys think??

One comment

  1. Rad Kitty · March 3, 2015

    There is something so mysterious about pairing a red dress with a trench coat. Can’t go wrong with fiery red.

    Beautifully rad!

    Take care
    ♡ Kitty


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