come to me

come to me
It’s been a rough week. Being sick plus being stressed out work is no fun at all. But actually getting a good night’s rest last night helped me IMMENSELY. And I did a 2 mile run yesterday which is HUGE for me. So I feel much better. Making to-do lists and actually scratching things off really helps me get shit done. Everyone is stretched pretty thin right now so more has been added to my plate. But I’m handling it pretty well.
April is shaping up to be the busiest month of the year so far. Last weekend was Mike’s 25th birthday celebration in Cleveland. This weekend he’s going to Vegas for his bachelor party and I will be living that semi-single life. Rave of Thrones next Tuesday! Next weekend, is my hair trial for the wedding!! Next Friday I’m going back to Cleveland to celebrate yet another birthday but I have to rush back to Columbus the next morning so Mike and I can look at an apartment. It feels good to finally make some moves regarding our future after the wedding is over. There’s been a lot of planning but no resolution and that’s been wearing on me.
The weekend some friends are coming into town and I’ll hopefully see them at some point. And Race For The Cure stuff kicks off at work. Just a super busy month overall. In the meantime, the weather is getting warmer (and wetter) and I’m feeling good. Progress is going slow but steady with my weight loss goals. Trying to lose 3 lbs by May 1 and then 5 lbs by June 1. Watching what I eat sucks but I know it won’t bother me as much when I can like what I see in the mirror πŸ™‚

Do something, bitch

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