my light

my light
No negativity ever. Always keep that in mind. Keep that in your heart. Never let anyone infect you with it. It’s hella hard to stay positive especially when the world can be so shitty. But staying positive is the best thing for your physical and mental health. I lived in a black cloud of negativity for an entire year last year. Depression is no fun. Not at all. And its hard to do anything, no motivation to the little things that you need to do to feel human. Like showering and eating and moving off the couch. It sucks. Since I’ve made some necessary changes in my life I have improved so much. My state of mind is so much better and I feel great, But the road to get here wasn’t easy. Keep your head up. Anyone going through this, please know that it can get better.

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  1. chelseaismyname98 · April 18, 2015

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