the head of it all

the head of it all
Work wear has been something I’ve struggled with in my short life as a working adult. I have a certain, distinct style that doesn’t easily translate to a work environment. So I’ve been experimenting with how to blend my personal style (90s hood punk + witch) with my burgeoning role as a manager.
Tip 1: Buy pieces you can easily take from day to night.
Tip 2: BASICS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Get the same shirt in 5 colors. Boom there’s a whole week right there.
Tip 3: Invest in a few different kinds of eye glasses. I know this is weird, but trust me, it’s definitely helped me break up the monotony of the work week.
Tip 4: When in doubt, buy it in black. If you’re trying out something crazy and new (like a romper or high waisted slacks) do NOT get them in a funky print or color. Ease yourself into it.
Tip 5: Ditch the khakis. Leave that shit for the men. We have it easier than they do. Put on a dress and we’re good!

One comment

  1. itusedtobemiami · September 2, 2015

    love this! especially the getting basics…way of life.

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