Clean eating challenge going strong 

I’m forcing myself to meal prep and eat healthy for the next few months to break some of the bad habits I’ve picked up since my wedding.

I’ve been doing mason jar salads for lunch and they are amazing so far. They keep me full and they’re so delish. They don’t take long to make either!

I gained 15 lbs since my honeymoon and that is NOT acceptable. I am so overweight and I hate it. I don’t want to be skinny but I need to like what I see in the mirror. And I’m on my way to doing that 😸

seeing double

seeing double


Do you guys have a style twin?

What I mean by that is, someone who mirrors you in style from head to toe. This is different from a copycat, someone who’s swagger jacking you. A twin is someone who likes what you like and vice versa, you guys are always swapping pics that inspire you or tagging each other on Instagram. This is a person who has their own spin on the style but its still very similar to yours.
I don’t really have a style twin which is weird. But that’s also because my style is a blend of weird subcultures and super seasonal. I’m a skank in the summer, sporty in the fall, grunge-punk in the winter and a princess in the spring.

What about you guys?

Hobbs gray long sleeve shirt
$59 –

Forever New zipper jogger sweatpant
$29 –

Moschino knapsack bag

Swesky silver tone jewelry
$30 –

Outfit #31

Outfit #31


The above outfit is pretty much all I wear in the winter. LOVE military green jackets and combat boots. In order to wear my suspender leggings or knee-high socks, I pair them with some cute knit tights, so I’m still warm but still fucking awesome. Mesh is also one of my materials and I plan on adding more of it to my wardrobe for spring!

Atelier 61 khaki jacket
$24 –

Estradeur cotton legging
$27 –

Mint Velvet long boots
$135 –