Decorating My Guest Bedroom – Black And White

Okay so my husband and I are looking at getting bigger places. We’ve planned out that we want a large 2 bedroom space. We want a puppy and (eventually) a kid or two! πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

So this got me thinking about how I’m going to decorate my new bedroom space! We’ve only ever been in a 1 bedroom apartment since we’ve been dating so this is new and exciting territory.

And with my job as social media manager for a certain furniture retailer, I’ve been fleshing out my decorating chops over the past year and a half πŸ’ͺ🏽

But because my brain goes in a million different directions, I have a few different styles I’m considering for the bedroom. This post is about option number 1!

So many of you have been following me for awhile and know that the main colors I wear are black, white and sometimes gray, blue or red. So I thought why not decorate the whole bedroom in a black and white monochrome?

Of course I zoomed off to Pinterest to see what I could find. And this being a bedroom, you can do almost NO wrong!

My absolute fave thing in the world right now are gallery walls and geometric accessories. The best thing about decorating in black and white, you can literally mix and match any print you want and it’ll all look so good together because it inherently matches. I love gallery walls so much and this one on the right is pretty much #goals. Love the pop of gold too!


This is a very traditional meets contemporary look that I’m really digging. Peep those amazing graphic print chairs *swoon*Β 

When I started telling my husband all the decor ideas, he literally was just like “you’re speaking gibberish, do whatever you want.”

Famous last words, HUBBY.

I am sucker for a faux fur accessory and they’re all the rage this year! I love the minimalism of these walls and the stark contrast between the walls and the beds themselves. I wish I wish I wish I could paint my walls black 😿

black and white

This is why I love the gold accents! They really compliment the black and white pieces so well.


This. THIS. This is how I’ll get around the “can’t paint the walls of a rented place” thing. Wall decals are our best friends. Oh my GOD, I cannot wait until I get my hands on some of these awesome things.

Last but not least, this is the exact headboard type I will be getting. Black upholstered with cushioning and possibly a nailhead trim. It’s all the rage!

Stay tuned for my next post on my second option: Eclectic Mid-Century Mod!

What do you guys think of this style?