be brave

be brave
Being a well-adjusted adult can be super challenging for some people. I’ve heard so many people talk about how hard it is to make friends and connections after college. I’ve never personally had that problem but I think it’s interesting to think about. What makes it so hard for people to connect with others after college is over? I think being an open, honest and positive person can take you pretty damn far. Being social is key to doing that. And taking risks of course.
But you have to think about how you treat people because real life isn’t like college when a drunken comment can be laughed off the next day. In college we make networks and tight-knit groups and maintaining that closeness and status quo is more important than calling someone out on their bullshit.
Life after college ain’t like that. If you’re really good friends with someone, always try to work it out. But if you can’t, let it go. Friendships truly come and go. College friendships don’t always last into adulthood. I learned that the hard way. You just have to be open to that possibility and the idea that you can make new friends and relationships.
Positivity is the KEY.

dame of the dam

dame of the dam
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Had a lot going on in the last week! My maid of honor came into town last Thursday and we spent the entire weekend together just hanging out and figuring shit out. It was great and I really needed that. With all the turmoil thats been happening with some of my college friends, I needed time with a real best friend who just gets me without me having to explain everything.
Friendship is so important. And I have a ton of friends but only a handful of true friends that I communicate with on a daily basis and that I trust implicitly. There are some people I’ve needed to cut away like mold from bread because they were poisoning my mind and soul. No one should ever make you feel smaller than you are. Never let anyone treat you like shit just because you need someone to hang out with when everyone else is busy. That’s not fair to you or to that person. I’ve had to learn that and let go.

you want it

you want it
Ayyyye I’m going to the game this weekend 😀 So excited. It’ll be me, Trent, his parents, John, and Jeff. I wish Mike would be able to go :/ but he’s always working. Oh well I’ll be able to go to a game with him on my birthday! Hopefully… Anyway this weekend is shaping up to be pretty epic. So excited! Plus I got paid todaaaaaaaaay wooooo. Trying really hard to not spend a fuck ton of money lately. It’s been hard not being paid for a month because it really depleted my bank account.