typical teen

typical teen
I. Am. Sick. Of. Winter.
My fiance and I currently considering places to move next…out of Ohio. He’s concerned about his future in radio and wants to move to a market with more opportunities to grow and I want to live somewhere warm near a big city or a beach.
We have a lot to consider and think about. Ideally we’d move after football season and spending one last holiday with the fam in Ohio. I’ve considered California & Florida because they’re the warmest. I’m tired of winter. I can’t do it anymore. Otherwise I’d be open to New York or DC. But I can’t anymore.
Where do you guys live???? Any recommendations on a new place to live?

sunfilled paradise

sunfilled paradise
Ahhhh what a crazy week it’s been. Holidays part 1 is done and it was pretty good, I got lots of money and spent quality time with my family. Saw some old friends and got robbed.
Yes you read that right. ROBBED.
Some asshole decided to steal my jacket with Mike’s car keys and work iPhone in the pockets. Luckily we got everything squared away. I was worried they were going to try and steal Mike’s car so I had to call the police just in case. Everything worked itself out in the end though. Thank God.
Next time I won’t be leaving my shit at tables no matter how close I am. Because people SUCK.
Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to pick up my bestie and bring her back to Columbus for New Year’s Eve! So excited for her to meet all my friends and party with her. Ahhhhh. This is gonna be a much better week I swear.