into the blue

into the blue


I am doing what I can to get my life back in order. I’m freelancing more. I am blogging more. Getting more active. Staying involved in the things that interest me the most. It’s the best way to keep me from going insane. 

VILA no sleeve shirt
$14 –

Alo Yoga clothing

18k jewelry


break the circle

break the circle


Let’s talk about summer style. Perfect weather for me is when I can wear long sleeves with a pair of short shorts, a beanie and a pair of sneakers. Hence why fall/spring are my favorite fashion seasons. I’ve always been partial to the boy meets girl style that combines rugged masculinity with a modern day femininity that could be seen as girly in another closet.




Trying to add more color to my wardrobe is hard. I always default to black because I’m the most comfortable with it. But I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone lately by adding lighter pinks and blues to my wardrobe (thanks, Gaga!)

unlock the swag

unlock the swag


SO loving my new job. I get to do and touch everything marketing-related. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun and exciting and I have a lot of freedom to do what I want.

break ranks

break ranks


My style has evolved and changed so much over the past year. I feel more confident in my body. I feel sexier. I feel like I don’t need anyone’s approval of what I do or wear. I don’t know what changed but it feels amazing.

Yigal Azrouël lace sleeve top

Tagliatore collar jacket
$345 –

Boohoo print pants

Giuseppe Zanotti black high top
$580 –

Salvatore ferragamo handbag

Quay round lens sunglasses
$38 –

into the black

into the black


My new job is pretty awesome. I can pretty much come and go when I please. I’m doing things that I love to do. I work independently. I manage 3 brands and control how they look and feel. It finally feels like I’m moving up in life!

Edith A Miller cotton t shirt

Balmain pleated skirt
$1,790 –

Chunky-heel boots

Alexander McQueen handbag purse

ChloBo gold earrings
$31 –

never remove me

never remove me


Oooh I love nothing more than pairing black and white stripes with dark red accessories (blood red). Match that with gold jewelry and you’re doing BOLD without being obnoxious.

Hallhuber dress
$135 –

Poem pattern jacket
$45 –

Black cut-out booties
$26 –

Vivienne Westwood flap handbag
$670 –

Moschino logo earrings
$205 –

Moschino gold chain pendant
$845 –

a queen in her castle

a queen in her castle


I wish I could relive my wedding weekend.
It was seriously the most perfect weekend of my entire life. And it’ll be the last time I’ll have my friends together in one place 😫

Lace dress

Christian Louboutin red sole shoes

Diane Von Furstenberg gold handbag
$195 –

Oasis black earrings
$18 –