in the fast lane

in the fast lane


The 90s revival is upon us! Seriously with artists like Charli XCX and Halsey around, we’re getting 90s nostalgia in a powerful way.
But how do you capture this style aesthetic?
  1. PLAID. Go all out with plaid. Plaid socks, plaid skirts, plaid headbands, plaid purses, plaid scarves. Even match your plaids to really capture that 90s Clueless vibe.
  2. Flannels! Grunge style was huge with the Nirvana crowd. Get the flannel staple in black and white and then build on that with the classic red-and-black, red-and-blue, and blue-green combos!
  3. Giant phones~ Have you seen the iPhone/Android cases they have now? They’re basically the size of a foot. Grab a cool iPhone case like this one and snap it on your phone to create the look you want!
  4. Micro-mini! Okay the highlight of the 90s style was the micro-mini skirt. Bonus if you include knee-high or thigh-high socks!
  5. Crop tops!!! Crop tops are one of my favorite items to wear…any season. And they go great with your micro-mini!
  6. PLATFORMS. Can’t forget about the platform shoes. Platform sneakers, platform sandals, platform booties. The possibilities are endless!

the Belle of the beholder

the Belle of the beholder
Belle was never one of my favorite princesses. But I have a new appreciation for her lately. She was a bookworm and a feminist in a time where women were no more than property. She was pretty tough. This set inspired me to bring out the golden sunniness of her soul if you will. She’s got a good heart.

the colors of the wind

the colors of the wind
Inspired by the colors of this set, I really do need to add more color to my wardrobe. But every time I go shopping I stick to black and dark gray. It’s my signature. I guess I’m just not comfortable with a lot of color. Anyone got any advice for me?