champagne showers

champagne showers


Reminiscing about my wedding weekend 😍

Matthew Williamson silk dress
$1,805Β –Β

Jamie Wolf diamond earrings

Crown necklace

watercolor summer wedding invitation

Make Wedding Planning A Little Easier

I feel like after being in multiple weddings and planning my own, I’m pretty much an expert at what Millennial women want out of their weddings.

nautical wedding invitation

A beautiful nautical wedding invitation perfect for the bride who loves the open sea.

Which is why I started my own Etsy shop 2 years ago. I love designing wedding invitations. I love creating custom designs for brides that have a need for individualism.

blue gray nautical wedding invitation

A simple, minimalist approach to a classic wedding invitation.

Here’s how I can help you create the custom wedding designs that you will love even 50 years from now:

  1. Click through to my shop.
  2. Browse through the gallery and see if you like something.
  3. If you DO like something, click the buy button and send me the details.
  4. If you DO like something but want to tweak the colors or size, hit the buy button and tell me the details and what colors/sizes you want.
  5. If you DON’T like something at all, it’s okay! I can create a custom listing JUST FOR YOU. I will work with you on whatever design you have in mind!
  6. Sit back and enjoy while I create the design you LOVE.

Let me design for you! Submit a design below πŸ™‚

a queen in her castle

a queen in her castle


I wish I could relive my wedding weekend.
It was seriously the most perfect weekend of my entire life. And it’ll be the last time I’ll have my friends together in one place 😫

Lace dress

Christian Louboutin red sole shoes

Diane Von Furstenberg gold handbag
$195Β –Β

Oasis black earrings
$18Β –Β

a bright daze

a bright daze
Happy September! I can’t believe how fast August went by. And I’ve been married for a month! Life is insane. I have a bachelorette party this weekend in Delaware at a beach house. So it’s gonna be lit πŸ”₯. So pumped. I still have to get Thank You notes done though for the wedding. Ugh. Plus change my last name on EVERYTHING. Insanity.

in the breeze

in the breeze
Ahhh summer is getting closer and closer! Vegas is next week! Can’t wait to party it up for my bachelorette party. I can’t believe my wedding season has officially started! I still have a bunch of stuff left to do, mostly designing the drink menus, the poster guestbook, the programs, etc. But those are things that are completely within my control.
I am so happy lately! Mike’s got an amazing opportunity coming up with the NBA next week. I’m continuing to grow and develop myself at work. I’m healthier than ever. My body is more toned and slimmed down than it has been in about 2 years. It’s been a pretty good spring so far πŸ™‚

love me, lights out

love me, lights out

Holy hell, May has gone by so fast! Had my first bachelorette party a couple weeks ago and will have my official one in June in Vegas ^_^

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend so I’m pretty pumped to just lay by the pool and drink. And be with my future hubby πŸ™‚ Only 74 days left to go!! Everything is mostly ready to go. I need to get my shoes still because I need to get the bottom of my dress hemmed. So that’s kind of stressing me out, but all in all I’m pretty chill!!

in my future state

in my future state
Being a wife is going to be odd…I’m getting married in 3 months and 3 weeks. HOLY SHIT. How is time flying by so quickly?? Literally I got engaged 2 years ago this June. Like this insane. And now we’re in the home stretch ^_^ I can’t wait to be Mrs. Young.
I got all the invites printed. So now I just need to review the guest list one more time and trim it. Party of the year and you ain’t invited πŸ˜‰

come to me

come to me
It’s been a rough week. Being sick plus being stressed out work is no fun at all. But actually getting a good night’s rest last night helped me IMMENSELY. And I did a 2 mile run yesterday which is HUGE for me. So I feel much better. Making to-do lists and actually scratching things off really helps me get shit done. Everyone is stretched pretty thin right now so more has been added to my plate. But I’m handling it pretty well.
April is shaping up to be the busiest month of the year so far. Last weekend was Mike’s 25th birthday celebration in Cleveland. This weekend he’s going to Vegas for his bachelor party and I will be living that semi-single life. Rave of Thrones next Tuesday! Next weekend, is my hair trial for the wedding!! Next Friday I’m going back to Cleveland to celebrate yet another birthday but I have to rush back to Columbus the next morning so Mike and I can look at an apartment. It feels good to finally make some moves regarding our future after the wedding is over. There’s been a lot of planning but no resolution and that’s been wearing on me.
The weekend some friends are coming into town and I’ll hopefully see them at some point. And Race For The Cure stuff kicks off at work. Just a super busy month overall. In the meantime, the weather is getting warmer (and wetter) and I’m feeling good. Progress is going slow but steady with my weight loss goals. Trying to lose 3 lbs by May 1 and then 5 lbs by June 1. Watching what I eat sucks but I know it won’t bother me as much when I can like what I see in the mirror πŸ™‚

the urban princess

the urban princess
I’ve been so productive on wedding stuff lately. Gathering all of the wedding party’s “signature drinks” for a menu I’m designing to be displayed on the bar. I’m thinking 2 11 x17 sized menus that’ll go up on stands on either side of the bar so people can look at them before they order a drink. It’s a cute way to recognize the wedding party, because we chose these people to be with us for the most important day of our lives. It’s a big deal to me. So the menu is a fun way to show them off. I’m so excited! I wish it was August already ahhhh.


Tonight Mike and I have our group tasting to check out what we’re going to be eating at the wedding! We get to taste not only our own meals but other couple’s as well. Plus we get to see our table settings for the wedding and make adjustments as necessary. Pretty exciting stuff here folks! Two of our wedding party will be there with us which is awesome! I’m so excited ahhhhhh

you can’t have it all but I can

you can't have it all but I can
Finally booked hair & makeup! Knocked one more thing off my list of things to do. Hopefully the hotel for the bachelorette party will be booked this week so we can start planning the party for the weekend and get money from the girls. I’m gonna start making the invitations next month, so I can complete them and print them by the beginning of March, THEN mail them out at the end of April. Then we have to get the rehearsal dinner squared away and there’s already drama with that ugh. But all in all everything is going smoothly. I think.

looking for the one

looking for the one
Met with our wedding coordinator today! It was very enlightening and very productive. So excited to get the ball rolling on stuff this month. I feel like since the middle of September I’ve grown very lax on wedding stuff. But now I’m shifting into high gear! Meeting with two officiants next week, gonna try and get my Save the Dates figured out this week. Currently gathering addresses which is sooooo tedious.