what’s on the inside

what's on the inside


It’s official! I am forging my own path! Anyone needs freelance help from a email/social/print marketing specialist? I got you!

Botkier satchel handbag

Clear glasses
$10 – cxlondon.com


baddie starlet

baddie starlet


After two months of being stepped on, I finally said enough is enough. I can’t allow myself to bend anymore until I break. I have too much self-respect.

Paul smith coat
$695 – yoox.com

Ally Fashion highwaist shorts
$23 – allyfashion.com

unlock the swag

unlock the swag


SO loving my new job. I get to do and touch everything marketing-related. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun and exciting and I have a lot of freedom to do what I want.

into the black

into the black


My new job is pretty awesome. I can pretty much come and go when I please. I’m doing things that I love to do. I work independently. I manage 3 brands and control how they look and feel. It finally feels like I’m moving up in life!

Edith A Miller cotton t shirt

Balmain pleated skirt
$1,790 – balmain.com

Chunky-heel boots

Alexander McQueen handbag purse

ChloBo gold earrings
$31 – the-dressingroom.com

pink chair

life is strange

In January I was determined to find a new job after repeatedly getting skipped over for various opportunities.

Now I’m managing the marketing of 3 different brands at a company that is so laidback and amazing.

I’ve only been here 3 days and I love it already.

technicolor world

technicolor world
I’ve been interviewing for an agency position in Miami! Had the third round yesterday and now I’m just anxiously awaiting news on whether I’m getting an offer or not.
I think the interviews went really well. The CEO seems to really like me a lot and told me I’d fit in super well with their group. Now it depends on whether they liked my work or not.
I’m so nervous. I hope I hear some good news.

Carven coat
$1,225 – farfetch.com

Lipsy black high heel pumps
$41 – lipsy.co.uk

ADORNIA earrings

don’t light it up

don't light it up


I’ve been working two jobs for the last couple weeks. My normal salary job and a contract job with a jewelry startup company. Social media consulting and contracting might be the future career I’m looking for. I LOVE working on different types of projects and helping small businesses grow through social media. I love working with a company that puts a very high value on social media marketing. It’s nice to feel valued as someone who’s entire life and career is about social media.
If anyone needs social media advice or a consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! My email is spatesv@gmail.com!

Evening shoes

Clare V leather purse

Moschino leather belt
$220 – selfridges.com

Cat eye glasses


When new and exciting opportunities pop up, grab life by the damn balls! I’ve been wanting to do social media consulting/contracting for awhile now. It gives me the opportunity to work with a lot of different types of companies and brands. I might get an opportunity to work with a startup company on a contract basis so I’m super pumped about it.
If you’re in need of a low cost social media expert to help you with your social channels, content management, design, photography and blogging, get at me! 🙂

the head of it all

the head of it all
Work wear has been something I’ve struggled with in my short life as a working adult. I have a certain, distinct style that doesn’t easily translate to a work environment. So I’ve been experimenting with how to blend my personal style (90s hood punk + witch) with my burgeoning role as a manager.
Tip 1: Buy pieces you can easily take from day to night.
Tip 2: BASICS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Get the same shirt in 5 colors. Boom there’s a whole week right there.
Tip 3: Invest in a few different kinds of eye glasses. I know this is weird, but trust me, it’s definitely helped me break up the monotony of the work week.
Tip 4: When in doubt, buy it in black. If you’re trying out something crazy and new (like a romper or high waisted slacks) do NOT get them in a funky print or color. Ease yourself into it.
Tip 5: Ditch the khakis. Leave that shit for the men. We have it easier than they do. Put on a dress and we’re good!

the awakening

the awakening
Ambition is an interesting thing. I have a lot of it. I have this drive to succeed at whatever it is that I am doing. No matter if I like it or not. I was at a job I hated for an entire year and I still excelled at it the best I could because I refuse to fail. I take every task head on and I like getting things done. Preferably alone. But that part I attribute to my control freakness.
Ambition is the hunger to achieve what you want. Everyone talks about their dreams and goals but I see a lot people lacking the motivation to get there. It’s a shame because everyone, yes everyone, deserves a shot at their dreams. Some people will say “the world needs worker bees” or “not everyone can go for their dreams.” I think that’s an extremely detrimental attitude to have. That says that some dreams are worth more than others, that some people are worth more than others.
As long as you have the drive and the ZEAL  you can get what you want. I firmly believe that.


Ahhh I’m back! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. NYE was insane but you already knew that and OSU won the Sugar Bowl!!!!! Next up, the National Championships ^_^ Can’t wait for it!
Currently at work trying to get ahead of all the stuff I need to do. My title got updated so I am the Social Media Comm. Lead which is pretty cool 🙂 So now I’m on a good path to being promoted to manager within the next few months. SO excited!

i am girl

i am girl
I really want the opportunity to step up and have more responsibility. I know I can manage my workload well while still being creative and innovative. I just want a chance to manage my own team. I think it’ll be a good opportunity for me and I want to share my knowledge with other people. This is the path I want for myself. I finally know exactly what I want to do with my life. And that’s an awesome feeling.

blackest night

blackest night
Had a good day today of shooting photos for the blog. It was a lot of fun! This is definitely my favorite part of the job for sure. Ready to take our blogs to the next level woooooo. I need to work on this blog and taking it to the next level too! I’ll work on getting better photos of my outfits up here for sure.

the sweetest thing

the sweetest thing
Well its been 30 days since I started this job and I have finally made my first mistake! It was minor but man I hate when that happens. Because I like being self-sufficient and efficient and now I have to double check with people before I post photos. Sigh. Hopefully in 6 months I won’t have to do that. That’s the worst part about being new, you can’t do everything on your own. And I’m a weirdly independent person.

follow me down

follow me down
Another busy busy day. I seriously can’t wait until Friday. My best friend’s coming. I’ll have someone to go to campus with! And drink all day with and I’m so excited ;-; It’s gonna be an awesome weekend. And I get to wear my new OSU Varsity hoodie 😀 GAH I wish it was Friday now. Oh well, this week will fly by I’m sure. I’m so busy with all these projects. The day is already going by fast.